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Price guarantee

Always the lowest price on our site.


Your guarantee

The lowest prices can always be found at

When you want to book a room at one of our hotels, go straight to our website - with us you'll always get the lowest price at our hotels.

 Price guarantee - what does it mean?

However, if you find a better price for one of our hotels on another booking website within 24 hours of completing your booking, we will match the price. This means that if you have booked a hotel directly through our channels and find a lower price with the same terms elsewhere, you'll get the same price. In addition, you will receive a discount card that gives you a 25% discount on your next stay booked through our website.

Should this be the case, please contact us - see the bottom of the page for contact information and what needs to be included in the price guarantee refund claim. 

That's how magical it is!

Benefits of booking directly on

  • Best room available within the category booked
  • Extra bonus benefit at capacity - free early check-in and late check-out
  • Direct contact between us and you as a guest
  • It pays to book directly - for both you and us!

Terms of the Magic Hotels price guarantee

The price guarantee applies to bookings made on Magic Hotels' website, in cases where an identical booking is sold at the same booking conditions and a lower price on another operator's website. This means that, in order to take advantage of the price guarantee, you must book the room with us with the same terms as where you found the cheaper price.

 This means that the price guarantee applies to the following criteria:

  • Same arrival and departure date
  • Same room type
  • Same currency
  • Same number of guests
  • Same number of rooms
  • Same terms and conditions on another website

 The price guarantee does not apply to:

  • Hotels where the price per room deviates by NOK 20 or less, as this price deviation may occur due to delays following changes in exchange rates or price rounding.
  • Special offers, member prices, contract prices, package prices via a tour operator, group prices or conference
  • Prices on websites where the hotel name is only given after booking.
  • Bookings for more than 10 rooms.
  • Expired prices, including prices stored in your own browser (stored information).
  • Rates with prepayment or installment terms, or any booking fees.
  • If you cancel or make changes to your order, the price guarantee will no longer apply

Magic Hotels reserves the right to change the conditions of the price guarantee at any time.

Request for price guarantee reimbursement

Our price guarantee ensures that you always get the lowest price for bookings made on our own website. If you find the same room at a cheaper price elsewhere, we will match the price. What's more, you'll receive a discount card that gives you a 25% discount on your next stay booked via our website.

Contact the hotel directly by phone or e-mail ( See contact form)

The following must be stated:

  • Arrival date
  • Departure date
  • What date did you find the cheaper price
  • What time did you find the cheaper price
  • Price on our website (always shown in local currency)
  • Price on other side (enter currency, e.g. SEK, NOK, US Dollar)
  • Url/address of the page where you found the lower price
  • Printscreen/Picture of the current offer